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In 2020, I, like many brides around the world, had to cancel the wedding of my dreams. My husband and I decided to scrap our plans and got married in a beautiful intimate ceremony in our front garden, with only 6 people in attendance. It was the perfect day, and not what I had always envisioned. I know from firsthand experience that the most incredible weddings are not necessarily the largest, but the most heartfelt. It's my mission on your wedding day to capture it accurately and in its best light, and give it every ounce of my attention. After all, your wedding deserves the best, big or small.

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The average number of weddings a photographer captures a year is 30 (some do more if they get the bookings). I used to be that kind of photographer, shooting weddings back to back; it's exhausting, and honestly, it can make a photographer a little jaded. So, in 2023, I decided to change how I captured weddings. My limit is now 1 or 2 weddings a month.

Why? There's a few reasons I have for choosing to go this route:

  • Most importantly, my couples have my full attention from the start to the finish. I insist on getting to know my couples beforehand, and being fully present on their wedding day. I want to celebrate your love story with you.

  • Quick turnaround time. The average wedding photographer's turnaround is 6 -12 weeks. As I limit my bookings, my average turnaround is 3 - 4 weeks and sneak peaks less than a week after the wedding. You get your photos before you've gotten back from your honeymoon.

  • No limit on images. Because I have the time to edit, I don't have to limit the amount of photos you get. If it's a good shot, you'll receive it. You also have the option of choosing which images I edit (I should mention that I never give you the unedited images).

  • Easy rescheduling. As we all saw in 2020, things don't always go the way we plan. If for any reason you need to move the date or venue of your wedding, there is almost a guarantee that I will be available.

As a boutique wedding photographer, I invest my time in you, as much as you invest in me. I am truly honoured to be considered to capture the most special day of your life.

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