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I think almost everyone, at some point or another, has said, "I want to be an artist when I grow up." A lot of us stop saying it over time as we, but I still say it everyday. When I draw or paint, I lose myself completely. It's the foundation of everything I do as a professional now. I understand composition in photography because I understand it in art. I understand form in retouching because I understand it in sketching. Without that initial "I want to be an artist" mentality, I would not be where I am today.


Similar to retouching, except I create an entirely new image. By using multiple images as reference, I create a digital painting that represents a memory that never came to pass. This becomes more than just a photograph manipulation; it's a piece of art that hangs in your home that you can cherish forever.

Ruinda Family Portrait (1) copy.jpg
Blue Nude #120180206_3.JPG


I work primarily in watercolours, with my favourite hue being a very specific shade of indigo. I love incorporating pen and rooibos tea into my artowrks to give  a truly unique texture. I also enjoy working with acrylic and oil paints, graphite and charcoal.


Looking for something truly unique for your wedding? Live painting is a wonderful way to commemorate the day you said "I do." Not only do you have a bit of entertainment for your guests, but you have a wonderful artwork to cherish forever that was made specifically on the day you got married.

Tanya & Corrie - Kleinkaap La Grange Impression-623.jpg
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