How To Upload Your Images To Studio Rainn

Please note, Studio Rainn has no affiliation to Google. We use their services because we find them reliable and affordable. There is no paid promotion in this blog post.

Studio Rainn uses Google Drive to share images between ourselves and clients. We prefer them for a few reasons:

  • Most individuals have a Google or Gmail account. This makes sharing very easy without needing to create additional accounts. It's also available to those who do not have a Google account.

  • Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage space, while most other cloud services only offer 2GB. We are aware that RAWs can take up a lot of space.

  • We are able to sync our local drives directly to Google Drive, so your images automatically download to our desktops.

  • Google Drive is supported across all major platforms, including mobile, which makes it easily accessible to our clients.

  • It is user friendly and secure.

  • We tried carrier pigeons with little success.

If you're unfamiliar with Google Drive, this is a handy tutorial to show you exactly how to use it to upload and download your images.

Your empty Google Drive will look something like this. It may be slightly different, depending on if you're using a Mac or Windows machine.

To get started, we will create a shared folder for you, and send you the link via email. You do not need a Gmail account; we can share it to any account (please note that on a non-Gmail account, the share settings will be "Anyone with a link can edit," so please ensure you do not share this link). The folder will always appear in the following format:


This shared folder should appear on your "Shared with Me" page. You'll find this on the left hand navigation bar. Alternatively, you can navigate directly to it using the link that we sent you.

Once you're in this folder you can upload your RAWs. Simply create a new folder (right click or select "New"). Name your folder with the shoot name and the upload date:

Once you've created your folder, you can drag the RAWs into it and they will begin to upload. You can also upload any XMP files, references or previous edits that you think will be necessary to this same folder. As it uploads on your side, it will download automatically on ours. Please be sure to let us know that you've uploaded a project.

With your project now uploaded, you can sit back and relax as we work our magic. When we finish, we will upload two versions of the images: a low resolution, and a high resolution.

The low resolution JPEGs are usually uploaded after the basic editing to ensure you are happy with the exposure, white balance and colour grading style before we do further work on the project. This step may be repeated several times as we make changes, and you will be informed when new images are uploaded.

The high resolution images are uploaded when you are 100% happy with your images. We can upload in either JPEG, PNG or flat TIFF. Unfortunately, we do not upload PSD working files.

You can now download your finished images! Please make sure to download your images in a timely manner, as we do clean out our Google Drive every 7 days. We cannot guarantee that your images will be available from Google Drive after 7 days, so ensure you have backups.

We're happy to help take you through the process if you get stuck, so please don't hesitate to send us a message with any questions.

EDIT: Please refrain from sending us messages via carrier pigeon. The mess is unbelievable. Email or WhatsApp is perfectly acceptable.

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