Traditional Artworks

I adore printing, yet nothing surpasses the charm of traditional art. Seeking something truly exceptional? This is it. Using graphite, charcoal, tea, ink, and watercolours, I craft stunning paintings from your favourite images. Each artwork, meticulously created on archival watercolour paper, comes mounted and ready to adorn your space—a guaranteed treasure.

Pricing & Packages

Graphite & Charcoal

A timeless medium, graphite and charcoal give your artwork an unmistakable handsketched quality and texture.

From R300

Pen & Ink

A bolder and longer lasting option than graphite, pen and ink drawings have a distinct level of commitment to them. While the basic sketch is done in light pencil, all shading is achieved with ink and ballpoint pen to create a realistic and detailed piece.

From R500

Ink, watercolour & tea

A modern twist on a traditional medium, I use rooibos tea to create the basis of the artwork, add colour using traditional watercolours and finish off the detail with ink. The result is a realistic and magical image.

From R650