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Great images start in camera, and end in .psd.

I love photoshop. More specifically, I love taking an image that's already amazing and turning it into something incredible. Whether its doing minor finishes on a portrait or bringing an entire wedding to life, retouching is the cornerstone of Studio Rainn.


You know that feeling as a wedding photographer; you sit down to get a bit of editing done, and next thing you know it's 3AM and you're on your third cup of coffee in an hour.

Post processing takes ages for weddings. By outsourcing your editing, you can spend more time focusing on your photography (and your sleep). It also frees up your schedule to allow you to book more weddings, and decreases your turnaround time.

Working with Smart Previews in Lightroom means you can always go back and make tweaks where you feel is necessary, leaving you in complete control of the final image. More in depth editing can also be done on particularly tricky images.


For the perfectionist at heart. This is the kind of retouching you see on magazine covers and billboards. Detail is key, and it's important that the end result is a perfect image that doesn't look photoshopped (the irony here being the most painstaking retouching is the kind that you can't easily pick up on).

L7D_4434-1 copy.jpg


Sometimes, less is more.

This kind of editing is great for small tweaks such as smoothing out skin, removing unwanted objects from the background, face swaps and cleaning up products. It's a great option for when you need a good quality edit on a limited budget or tight deadline.

I started retouching full time in 2018 when a photographer approached me to help with his workload. I fell head over heels in love with image manipulation. My background in art and photography meant I already had a passion for creating beautiful images, and since diving into retouching for others, I've really had the opportunity to expand and work on some incredible photos. I've been fortunate enough to work with photographers and companies from all over the world.

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