About Me

"There’s a photograph everywhere and it’s the photographer’s job to find it."


Hi, I'm Gemma Rainn

My passion for photography ignited in 2014 when I first held a camera during a university elective. What began as a casual two-hour weekly course transformed into my primary field of study and a profound passion. Initially drawn towards commercial photography, capturing luxurious products and fashion, I found myself repeatedly pulled back to the simplicity and authenticity of natural light lifestyle photography. It wasn't until I started my own family that I truly understood the significance of preserving moments. This realization led me to embrace lifestyle photography wholeheartedly, recognizing its ability to safeguard our cherished memories.

I could sum up my style in one word: fearless. There's a running joke that I never finish a shoot looking clean or dry because I'm always up for the challenge—be it climbing trees, hiding in bushes, or even taking an unexpected swim—all to capture that perfect shot. I thrive in rainy weather and with difficult lighting. To me, life isn't about waiting for the perfect moment; it's about making each moment perfect.